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Behind The Scenes Business Start-up Services. Want to start your own business? We help our community start their business.
All businesses started from an idea; we refine your ideas. Every business should begin well; behind the Scenes Biz makes this possible. Yes! As a community-based organization, we make it effortlessly possible. Once you share the tip of your idea, we provide the best opportunity from securing good investors to the final stage of welcoming your first client, even to millions within the community.

Are you a less privileged individual?

If yes, Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency is here to make you smile, not just you but also the entire MILWAUKEE community. It is not news that disabled individuals suffer before they secure a good job, not only in MILWAUKEE but the entire world. Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency is one of the companies that put people first in all areas. That is why we resolve to make you secure your dream job as a disabled one - physical or sensory disabilities, mental health conditions, intellectual disabilities, autism, among others.

You may ask, why me? The reason is a simple truth. You need to smile. We are here to make you smile. Everyone deserves the best in the world. Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency is working towards making you the best out of the 61 million adults in the United States who live with a disability. We understand that having a job brings economic independence, social inclusion, and personal fulfilment.

Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency’s strategy focus includes those who are job-ready and have minimal or no support needs and those who can work given the proper support. Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency is ready to create the stimuli that make you work, no matter your previous story or experience. We have experts who manage the mental, psychological, and emotional well beingness of our potential clients. We always create the environment for you to work; our experts spend hours preparing you for the fieldwork based on your experience. Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency cares for you; we understand the challenges a disabled individual faces in the workplace and always ensure that you are safe from such actions.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. We ensure a coordinated approach to support persons with disabilities to progress into employment. The strategy’s six strategic priorities are:

Behind The Scenes, Staffing Agency is a safe route to secure the best job. We arrange special public service competitions for people with disabilities and open up alternative recruitment channels. This is super legit: a cross-government approach that brings together actions by different departments and state agencies in a concerted effort to address the barriers and challenges that impact on employment of people with disabilities. Behind The Scenes Staffing Agency is ready to make you the best of yourself by providing the job you always think of. Our approach is easy and direct: we invite you to participate in interviews with applicants with disabilities to raise the comfort level of applicants around disclosure, requesting accommodations and model that employees with disabilities have the same opportunities for a productive career as employees without disabilities do.

We are always ready for you! Reach us via our contact page or send a direct message to our email. You can also use the direct contact page for disabled individuals. Our customer service is ready to receive you, always!

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We are more than a staffing agency; we provide solutions. A business plan is key to the future. Join us today, see the secret to winning a big project. We don’t stop at the beginning; we give the best plans to keep you moving on. Our main goal is to make you big within your community.
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